Eco-nomy Range Sheds

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The Absco Eco-nomy Range of garden sheds.....GO GREEN! with a reduced enviromental impact.

►The Eco-nomy Range uses steel that is produced using processes that sigificantly reduce the use of acids, solvents, and caustics

►The Eco-nomy Range uses 100% recycled carton packaging material

►The Eco-nomy Range Carbon Offset Promise: 1 tree planted for every shed produced

The garden sheds are manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting and are designed to add value to your home. The roof has a slight overhang at both the front & rear of the shed but not the sides & the gables are part of the side walls. The door(s) are located in the front wall (Non-gable). The door(s) are hinged for added security & are reinforced with internal bracing for strength & rigidity.

The gauge of the steel used in this range of sheds is strong & durable, like the other range of Absco sheds.  In fact it is the same high tensile .3mm thickness.

Safety Edge: All ABSCO metal sheeting for sheds has a rolled safety edge to minimise the possibility of cuts & mishaps.

Easy To Assemble: The SNAPTiTE® World Wide Patented fast assembly system is used.  Snaptite is an innovative design (exclusive to ABSCO) that dramatically reduces the time & effort required to assemble a shed.  It reduces the number of fasteners by 75%.  This is accomplished by a design that allows for the wall & roof perimeter channels to permanently lock into the wall & roof sheets, without the use of any tools or additional fasteners. Absco sheds assemble up to 80% faster.



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