Extra Tall Sheds From $645

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Extra Tall Sheds From $645

Extra Tall wall sheds are available from various manufacturers.

Typically, they offer a 2m minmum wall height.  That is 2m at the top of lowest point on the walls. This is usually the top of the doors.  To put this into context, the standard min. wall height is 1.8m on most sheds.  These extra tall wall sheds therefore provide an additional 200mm.

This extra height is usually sort after by customers who are going to be spending some time within the shed, as opposed to the shed only being used for periodic access when just simply storing items.  For example, the shed may be used as a workshop by hobbyists etc.

This extra height gives - (1) Extra comfort with increased head clearances, (2) A more suitable storage area that can accomodate tall items or when tall shelving is required, & (3) Better dispersion of rising heat.

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